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Landscaping Highland Heights OH

 What is most important in your raised flowerbed Highland Heights, Ohio landscaping design?


Do you want to add a raised flowerbed to your Highland Heights, OH landscaping design? Before you do any landscaping in Highland Heights, Ohio, you may want to think about a few things. Will you use treated wood for your beds? Some wood has been treated with creosote and has been banned in Europe. The EU does not allow this wood treatment in Europe, after the International Agency for Research on Cancer reports the treatment on wooden planter boxes might be carcinogenic. This treatment gives off fumes and may leech the soil or seep into the groundwater.


Should you hire a professional or Do-It-Yourself? You could save yourself the $560 to install a raised flowerbed around your lawn because you want to save yourself time. It may be helpful to hire a pro for a Highland Heights, OH landscaping job because they know which native Ohio plants are drought-resistant and will come up every year.

 Friendly Neighborhood Help , landscaping in Highland Heights OHio - Friendlyneighborhoodhelp

Little touches to your raised flowerbed make your Highland Heights, OH landscaping pop


Should you add lights to your flowerbed or flowerbed wall? It may keep loved ones from being able to trip over the flowerbed wall. It depends on the added touches you wish to make, but some Highland Heights, Ohio landscaping designs may require a permit. If this is your first outdoor landscaping project, it may be wise to consult an expert. Several factors can keep the lights of a raised flowerbed from being able to work; this includes the temperature changes, bugs, pets, and humidity. If your lights do not work, it could spell big problems for landscaping in Highland Heights, OH. But, it may the best way for you to create a beautiful oasis on your lawn. Do you have the skills you need to meet your own wiring needs? Your wiring can develop a short and endanger you or your guests. If you hire a professional, you can rest assured any landscaping in Highland Heights, Ohio is safe.


Have you ever thought of a water feature near your raised bed? A water feature is a good way to display your raised flowerbed. Some homeowners are not the hands-on landscaping in Highland Heights, OH type. They may struggle to move boulders for larger projects or be able to do the underground work for a fountain. A consideration with these Highland Heights, OH landscaping projects is you might need a pro. Our friendly experts, from Friendly Neighborhood Help Landscaping Service, can help. We can offer knowledge. Our specialist can lay the underground pipes and work with you to create a landscaping design you will love!


Do you have questions before we begin? We can answer all your questions, if you call us at 877-331-6188, or e-mail: fnhlawns@gmail.com. If you do not need Friendly Neighborhood Help Landscaping Service, we offer a variety of other services. Visit our service page at www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/services, to see all the ways we can help you. You can request a quote upfront at www.friendlyneighborhood help.com/request-a-quote. Let us make your landscaping job special. It does not matter if you add a raised flowerbed, or a raised flowerbed and a fountain! We aim to please every time.





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