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Landscaping Mayfield OH

 Mulches do more than add a colorful element to your landscaping in Mayfield, OH


Made of different materials, mulches help your lush, green lawn in three ways. They can help you lower your water bill and prevent water from going to waste. A good mulch can help your soil trap the water it needs, without danger in areas of your lawn is waterlogged and water is wasted. Mulches keep the weed count down, too. Weeds love water and need easy access to sunlight.


A good mulch can keep a weed from the water it needs and it may block the sunlight, so an obnoxious weed cannot reach it. Last, mulches may help keep plants cooler and keep those flowers in your landscaped lawn from being too hot. Some mulch retains warmth from the sun, so it may keep plants warmer in the wintertime. How much can mulch really reduce the summertime heat? One study found a good mulch reduces the temperature by 8 to 13 degrees less than an area without mulch.

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Four things to watch before you buy a mulch for Mayfield, Ohio landscaping areas


With many mulches on the market, it may be hard to decide which mulch is a ‘good’ mulch. What should you look for when you purchase a mulch to use in your lawn and landscaped garden? A good mulch is one that will not move after it is applied in your Mayfield, OH landscaping area. It is economical; it may break down. But, it does not leech harmful minerals into your soil. It contains organic material. It is affordable and you can easily apply and remove it. Best of all, a good mulch discourages pests, diseases and weeds in your lawn.


These are good reasons to include mulch in your landscaping in Mayfield, OH. Depending on your Mayfield, Ohio landscaping material, your price can vary greatly on price, so it is hard to determine what an affordable mulch is. Some hardwood and dyed mulches may cost $36 per yard and $3 a bag. Other pros estimate a good mulch costs you 47 cents to $1.07 a square foot and these prices do not include Mayfield, OH landscaping delivery.


What are some of the best Mayfield, Ohio landscaping materials?


Newspaper - Newspaper is popular for landscaping in Mayfield gardens and lawns, because it is biodegradable. It is best you avoid glossy newspaper because the chemicals in the newspaper may hurt your lawn. These chemicals may leech into your soil, if you do not chose a newspaper for landscaping in Mayfield, OH that is printed with soy-based ink. This ink is safe for both plants and animals; it is safe to use on your soil.


Straw – This Mayfield, Ohio landscaping material is popular because it is biodegradable, in most cases. It can prevent sunlight, so it will not harm the potatoes that grow in your backyard. It is best to make sure the straw you use for landscaping in Mayfield, Ohio is not chemically treated.


Wood chips or bark – Kiss soil compaction in high traffic areas away if you use this landscaping material in your garden. It is a good choice, if you want a biodegradable material. However, it may take years for this material to decompose. It is best if you use it in a raised flowerbed, away from your landscaped lawn. Chemicals, in the mulch, could wash off into the grass and seep into the soil.


Grass clippings/leaves – These lawn waste materials can make good mulching material, if you are careful not to spread grass clipping on when wet or spread in landscaped areas too thickly. You can encourage thatch, if you are not careful about your Mayfield, OH landscaping choices. Leaves, for example, make good compost underneath bushes. Place your leaves under plants and you encourage earwigs to thrive. These insects eat the pests that might damage your lawn. Are there landscaping materials you need to consider? Plastic, fabric landscaping material, clover, hay, hulls, pine needles, and compost are all great landscaping materials for your lawn, and flowerbeds.


If you cannot decide on a mulch or need to ask a professional a landscaping question, call Friendly Neighborhood Help, www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com. We have been in business for years, so we can answer all your Mayfield, OH landscaping questions. We offer Friendly Neighborhood Help Landscaping Service, so you do not have to worry if you cannot do your own landscaping. We can work with you to create a landscaping design you will love! Call us at 877-331-6188 or e-mail fnhlawns@gmail.com. Let us show you how we can make your lawn lush and beautiful!






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