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Landscaping Shaker Heights OH

 Which shade trees are the best for your Shaker Heights, OH landscaping Project?


Trees can be one of the most expensive parts of your landscaping project. However, the benefits to having a nice shade tree, in summer, cannot be denied. What should you think about before you purchase any shade tree or arrange to have a lawn and Shaker Heights, Ohio landscaping professional install it in your yard?


What type of soil you have in your lawn can be a problem, if you have Miami clay loam. It can make it harder for your shade tree to get the water it needs to grow deep roots. Distance apart from other trees in your yard can be a problem. Tree size needs to be determined before you dig a hole. Here is why these concerns matter with your landscaping in Shaker Heights, Ohio.


Trees with deep roots – If you want to avoid problems with tree roots getting into a septic system, it is best to plant shade trees that do not have invasive roots. Did you know poplars, willows, and white maples are all trees with invasive root? If you are landscaping in Shaker Heights, Ohio, should you avoid purchasing these trees? Should you still plant these trees that trees that grow 16 to 40-foot tall? Many shade trees have roots that have grown slowly and continue to grow. The problem with if you plant a tree with deep roots is those roots can grow near your house, no matter how far the distance away they are planted. A better alternative is to seek shade trees with shallow roots – evergreens, maples besides white maples, and American elms have shallower roots.


Why do you want a shade tree? – If you have a shade tree that provides cover for the east side of your house, it can help keep your house 10 degrees cooler on average. Are you looking for a shade tree to provide warmth in the wintertime or cool down your house and allow you to save on your cooling bill? Some may not see conifers as a shade tree for their Shaker Heights, Ohio landscaping needs, but these piney giants often keep your house warmer when they are planted near your home.


The good, the bad, and the ugly landscaping in Shaker Heights, OH truths


Some homeowners may not realize it, but trees planted on the west side of your home offer a third benefit: they reduce carbon emissions over 30 percent in a 100-period, according to researcher Jeffrey Donovan. Shade trees do have benefits, if you choose the right shade tree for your Shaker Heights, OH landscaping purposes.


Keep trees with shallow roots safe – If planted near a tree with deep roots, shallow-root shade trees may have difficulty sharing the same area? Trees with deeper roots may crowd out trees with shallow roots and leave shallow-rooted shade trees struggling to thrive. If shallow-rooted shade trees cannot get a firm grasp in your soil, wind damage and erosion mat cause your tulip tree, silver maple, sweet bay magnolia tree to fall over after a storm.


Say no to exotics – If you want to do landscaping in Shaker Heights, OH, stick with native shade trees – deep or shallow roots. Ohio’s colder winters do not help exotic trees grow across many beautiful landscaped lawns. Landscaping in Shaker Heights, OH with trees perfect for your needs will help you build a beautiful lawn, with trees you do not have to provide special care. What is considered exotic trees, so you know what is not native to the Ohio landscape? Some exotic trees you should avoid are: the Russian olive tree, Privet, Barberry, and Bush Honeysuckle.


You may do your best landscaping in Shaker Heights, Ohio, if you ask a lawn professional. At Friendly Neighborhood Help, our experts have experience in landscaping and can help you plant all native shade trees. We offer more than landscaping services, thanks to our Friendly Neighborhood Help Landscaping Service pros that do so much more! If you need lawn mowing, snow removal, leaf cleanup, weed control, flowerbed planting, and more! Visit www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/sevices. Do you have a question about your planted shade trees or need a price quote. Give us a call at 877-331-6188 and you can request a quote at: www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/request-a-quote. Give us a call; you are not alone in having to make any landscaping decisions. Our Friendly Neighborhood Help Landscaping pros can help choose the best shade trees!



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