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Landscaping Willoughby Hills OH

 Filling a backyard with birds’ songs can be a worthy Willoughby Hills, OH landscaping Project


One way to make your lawn and backyard inviting to guests and a welcome haven is to design a backyard Willoughby Hills, OH landscaping project that is for the birds, literally. Attracting birds can make your backyard lawn a welcome retreat almost any time of the year. Is there some special Willoughby Hills, Ohio landscaping trick to attract and welcome Ohio’s chickadees, larks, warblers, sparrows, bluebirds, buntings, and tanagers to your lawn and yard?


If you plan to do landscaping in Willoughby Hills, OH, it may be worth the money to add a water feature to your backyard. Birds are attracted to water and it may be worth the cost to woo them to come to your lawn, especially if you love bird watching. There are other tricks you can do, such a keep your grass mowed a certain length, to attract many varieties of birds. Birds tend to like altitude when it comes to both your yard and water features, so layering these Willoughby Hills, OH landscaping projects can help you attract the birds. For instance, some birds will only feed on the ground. If you keep your lawn a little shorter and scatter good mixed seeds, these smaller birds will walk around your lawn to find food. Some birds prefer a little coverage and you will want to keep the grass a little taller to attract these birds. They prefer a lower altitude of one to 3 foot-tall grass. Some birds like a high altitude and it is better to landscape your yard and reduce your lawn by 25% to attract these types of birds.


Three of the best Willoughby Hills, OH landscaping ideas to make a yard and lawn a bird haven


Care for water feature and lawn - When you consider landscaping in Willoughby Hills, Ohio, you may not think about building up lower areas of your lawn; however, you should. Your lawn, otherwise, may become waterlogged and create a natural birdbath -- of standing water -- that you do not want. For many homeowners, creating a water feature may be intimidating. They may not have any experience in coming up with a design and even after they have one installed by a Willoughby Hills, OH landscaping expert. What about the maintenance and lawn mowing around the feature, as needed? Some homeowners may not have the time to mow and clear the weeds in the yard. However, a Friendly Neighborhood Help Landscaping Service professional can help.


Plant trees - A call to a Friendly Neighborhood Help Landscaping Service expert can help you arrange for a pro to come and mow, weed, and maintain your bird haven on a regular schedule. Our experts can suggest and assist you with planting thorny trees in the front or back lawn, so songbirds will visit and find refuge in the winter. Hawthorn trees make ideal places for birds to nest and hide from predators in your yard. Evergreen trees also create good coverage for birds of any size. Have a Friendly Neighborhood Help professional plant trees along the edge of your yard can create a hedge or windbreak.


Do not throw away leaves - Some property owners make the mistake of removing fallen leaves from their property. The leaves can create a haven for birds to enjoy your lawn and yard. Hire a pro to keep your grass cut to a certain length and rake the leaves under the planted shrubs in your yard. Small ground-feeding birds, such as chickadees, warblers, towhees, and thrashers can nestle in the leaves in the winter and are protected from Ohio’s bitter winter winds. They have a great place to find food, too. Earthworms, pill bugs, and spiders live in the decomposing leaf mulch and songbirds thrive on eating these dwellers. A Willoughby Hills, OH landscaping and lawn expert can help you keep your grass and tree leaves cleaned and raked -- on a schedule. Our Friendly Neighborhood Landscaping Service can be every two weeks to every week, as needed. We can give you a price quote before you sign up for service, too. Call us at 877-331-6188, or you may e-mail, at any time, with your questions or concerns at: fnhlawns@gmail.com. Do you know what services you need? You can see what services we offer at Friendly Neighborhood Help, by going to:  www.friendlyneighborhood help.com/services.  Our friendly pros might suggest a local hardware store where you can find quality bird food -- the suet, thistle, nyjer, mealworms, and seeds birds really love! Call or email us today, so you can start to transform your lawn and yard into a bird haven and welcome bird-watching retreat!







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