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Landscaping Willowick OH

 Best trees to use when lawn landscaping in Willowick, Ohio


Curb appeal is important to many Ohioans; no matter if, they want to increase the value of their property or they plan to sell their home. Trees are one of the best ways for property owners to make their lawns beautiful and inviting to their guests. However, before planting trees, ask these important questions first.


How high do you want your tree to grow? There are plenty of trees that can provide hearty shade for your lawn and add beauty if you do plant to do some Willowick, OH landscaping. What type of tree do you want? Many trees produce that beautiful fall foliage – when it turns golden yellow and vibrant red. Do you prefer a flowering tree or one with berries instead? What is the acidity of your soil? If your soil has too much acidity, it can affect how well or if a tree will grow well on your manicured lawn. It also matters the amount of shade that your lawn receives. If you have a lawn that receives full shade, planting a tree that needs a last partial, sunlight may shunt the tree’s growth or cause it not to grow at all.


Ask a pro to help you find disease-resistance trees to plant when landscaping in Willowick, OH


Who does not want to have hassle-free options on their manicured lawn? A Friendly Neighborhood Help Landscaping OH professional can help you decide the best way to add curb appeal and beautify your lawn at the same time.


Ohio’s winters can be harsh, so it may be hard to know what to plant in Willowick, as it is in a zone 5 to a zone 8. Homeowners have to balance beauty with the usefulness of planting a certain tree in the yard. What makes landscaping in Willowick, OH, is that it is a matter of personal choice. For example, a cottonwood may look pretty and it great for stabilizing steam banks, but it gets pests and diseases easily. Its roots can also dig their way deep into your sewer system or cause problems with tiles. As a homeowner, you should choose a tree that can grow in almost any soil condition (from neutral to fairly acidic soil), does not mind varying degrees of shade, is mostly resistant to pests and tree diseases, will grow to provide a fair amount of shade, and is suitable for either rural or urban areas.


Ninebark                                                      Boxwood                                            Korean Fir             


Pawpaw                                                       Black Gum                                           Hackberry


Birch                                                             Japanese Snowbell                           Kentucky Coffee Tree


Swamp white Oak                                   Bitternut Hickory                                Silver Linden



The ideal tree should also grow well, whether it receives plenty of water or is a drought-resistant strain. Have you also considered the tree’s overall height? You want to have room to plant some of these trees where they have room to grow. For example, a Northern Red oak can grow to 60 to 80 feet tall. It is an excellent shade tree; do you have enough room to plant the tree, so it is away from overhead electrical lines? It also requires a 40-to 60-foot spread away from other trees, thanks to its deep root system. Do you still have room on your lawn for this autumn beauty when doing Willowick, OH landscaping?


Much of what you want to plant on your lawn is personal choice. If you do not know what to plant and do not know the acidity of your soil, it is best to hire a Friendly Neighborhood Help Landscaping Service package, where pros test the acidity of your soil and provide year-around maintenance to help you keep your lawn looking lush and green.


Guarantee is the best reason to pick a local lawn landscaping Willowick, Ohio Business


If you have such a package, you pay a low monthly rate and you can easily schedule your own lawn mowing service in three minutes or less, by going to www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/request-a-quote-form. If you are not sure what services you need, you can see a full list of Friendly Neighborhood helps professional lawn services by going to www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/services.  Do you like to use local experts in landscaping in Willowick, Ohio?


Why should you pay for services, where you do not know what you are getting? If you still have questions or want to speak to a friendly professional on staff, please call us at 877-331-6188 or e-mail at fnhlawns@gmail.com. Our services are guaranteed! Don’t wait until you have diseased trees or have lawn landscaping questions to call us. We can help you year-around with all your lawn mowing, snow removal, leaf raking, fertilizing, and grass growing needs!



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