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Lawn Care Akron Ohio


 Friendly Neighborhood Help is the top lawn care service in Akron Ohio 

We provide top quality at prices you can afford ! Don't let our competitors trick you into signing long term contracts when you can order on our website instantly with no contracts. Give is a call today at 877-331-6188

Here are some facts on spraying your lawn: 

What type of fungicide is your lawn expert using to spray your lawn? There are many fungicides, which are not only help farmers. This fungicide, from the same family as wood-rotting fungicide, can help fight fungal diseases that hurt turf grass and farms. It works well for lawn spotting, rust, water molds, powdery blights, and leaf spotting.


If your Akron, Ohio lawn care provider uses a Qol fungicide on top of a lawn, where older fungicides have been used -- this fungicide treatment may not work well. It may cause some fungal diseases, such as dollar spot or Pythium blight, to be more resistant and spread. The good news is this fungicide has benefits to help your lawn and make your lawn care in Akron, OH easier.


Will it help growth? – Many times a Qol fungicide will enhance the growth of fruits, crops, etc. It does this by how it optimizes the need for change in certain varieties of turf grass. If your grass is growing well, it does not mean it has a disease resistant to fungal diseases that will attack your Kentucky grass or bent grass. It means a lawn care expert helps your grass grow; but you still may face leaf spotting, etc. Any professional in lawn care in Akron, Ohio should be able this question.


What will you do if cross-contamination occurs? This Qol fungicide may lose its effectiveness, if it is accidently mixed with another fungicide. Does the Akron, Ohio lawn care specialist have an option to treat your lawn with another fungicide and not harm your lawn’s growth? Will it create resistance if a pro sprays, uses two fungicides, and transfers the spray onto your grass? Will it still hurt the quality of the lawn care in Akron, OH? These are questions you should get answers.

Will your mixing the Qol fungicide encourage phytotoxicity? – A specialist in lawn care in Akron Ohio can help you protect your lawn by watching how often and on what lawn landscape features he or she sprays the fungicide on. There is a possibility this fungicide will help your grass, but not your maple tree or birch. Will its use on more than your grass encourage resistant diseases to attack your lawn and landscaped garden? This is a question that you need to ask an Akron, OH lawn care expert.


If you have questions about a lawn care expert that applies Qol fungicide to your grass, feel free to ask questions. Our lawn care specialist at Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Care Service can answer all your questions about the fungicides we apply and if we use a Qol fungicide. Do you want to schedule a service? You may do so with a click of a button, when you visit: www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/services and www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/request-a-service. If you prefer, you can call us at 877-331-6188, or e-mail: fnhlawns@gmail.com. Let us worry about the fungal diseases and allow you to enjoy a green lawn!



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Lawn Care Akron Ohio - Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Care in Akron Ohio  

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