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Lawn Care Cuyahoga Falls

 Three Cuyahoga falls, OH lawn care mistakes that really damage your Lawn


From those Cuyahoga falls, Ohio lawn care mistakes that appear to be so tiny – to the bigger blunders – you really should watch out for these lawn care mistakes. Did you know that even the smallest mistake when it comes to lawn mowing or fertilizing could damage your lawn? Do you know how to protect your lawn after you have lapsed and made several Cuyahoga falls, OH lawn care mistakes?


Some homeowners may not take their lawn care in Cuyahoga falls, OH seriously enough. What are the worst mistakes you can make if you are trying to provide the best lawn care? Here are three of the biggest mistakes that first-time homeowners and veterans may not realize.


Lawn mowing – You may want to skip lawn mowing during a week, but do not. It is one of the worst mistakes a homeowner can make when it comes to lawn care in Cuyahoga falls, Ohio. Why is skipping the mowing a big deal? If your lawn has grown taller because you have neglected your lawn care, it can mean you either leave your lawn vulnerable to weed growth or you scalp your lawn the next time it needs mowing and you have time to provide lawn care in Cuyahoga falls, OH. If the lawn has not been mowed in a while, the grass blades may be taller and you accidently may adjust the lawn mower blade too much, causing it to cut your grass very short. Scalping during the summer months is harmful to your grass because it causes it to stop growing. It also can open your lawn up to the possibility of funguses and disease.

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Over fertilizing – Placing more fertilizer on your grass does not help it grow any better, though it may grow faster. You may place your lawn in danger and need lawn care assistance from lawn care professionals, such as the pros at Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Care Service. Too much fertilizer encourages the grass to grow faster and may lead to scalping your lawn during the next mowing. It also can lead to burning your grass and soil. If the fertilizer burns are great enough, you may only be able to help your lawn by re-seeding a “burned” lawn.


Guessing your grass type – How can you provide the best lawn care in Cuyahoga falls, Ohio, if you do not know if you have Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, or a fescue grass? Not all grasses are the same and it is important to know which grass type your lawn is, so you do not plant the wrong type of grass and create a lawn of mixed grasses. You do not want to add a warm season grass to a cool season lawn. Different types of grasses grow at a different height and speed. It makes it hard to provide proper Cuyahoga falls, OH lawn care, if you have two different types of grass and both require different care instructions.


If you do not know your grass type, ask a Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Care Service expert to come and view your lawn. They can tell you which grass type your lawn is and the best way to care for it.


Overwatering – Did you know that giving your lawn too much water is almost as dangerous as not providing enough water? In order to thrive, your lawn needs a deep watering at least once a week. However, do not overdo it on the lawn care in Cuyahoga falls, Ohio. Too much water can open your lawn up to problems, such as fungal diseases and encourage mold growth. It also may lead to erosion and the possibility you might scalp your lawn the next time you provide lawn care in Cuyahoga falls, OH and mow your lawn.


Is it not time to contact a Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Care expert to help you provide the proper care for your lawn? A professional can help you water your lawn without overwatering and fertilize without placing too much on your lawn. We know you want a lush, green lawn – not a lawn that looks sickly. Do you need other services besides our fast lawn mowing service? We can help you develop a Cuyahoga falls, Ohio lawn care plan that meets your needs weekly or monthly. We offer a wide range of services, which you can see when you visit: www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/services. Give us a call to discuss your lawn needs and lawn care, 877-331-6188. We also invite you to schedule your lawn mowing online, in only a few minutes. We are here to look out for the needs of your lawn and provide you with the best lawn care in Cuyahoga falls, OH.

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