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Lawn Care Highland Heights OH

 No need to worry weeds may overtake lawns with good lawn service in Highland Heights, OH


It does not matter if grass-like weeds or grass weeds are invade your lawn; they are weeds. Nevertheless, what is the difference between the two weed varieties and how do you best treat them? Broadleaf weeds are called grass-like weeds and they get their name from their wide leaf blades. The veins of their leaves form a netlike pattern and they usually have distinct leaf shapes. They may produce flowers, but they do not have to. Grass weeds do not have the netlike pattern because they have no leaves. They also do not produce any flowers. This is how a homeowner can tell a broadleaf weed from a grass weed. If you are in doubt that there are weeds are in your lawn, you can consult a Highland Heights, OH lawn service professional.


Weeds may find a foothold in your lawn, if they can find an area where the grass is thinning. If weeds spring up in your lawn, a good lawn service company, such as Friendly Neighborhood Help, can help you keep the weeds from choking out your Kentucky bluegrass or ryegrass. Did you know that weeds take hog nutrients that your grass needs to grow strong and protect itself against disease? Once a weed sprouts, they can easily overtake your lawn because they do not need much sunlight to grow. They are hardy.

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Good lawn care in Highland Heights, OH is great defense against weeds


How can you protect your lawn from weeds – no matter if they are broadleaf or grass weeds? There are many ways to try reign in and choke out the weeds. You can plant mulch to try to drown out weeds. The mulch may keep the weeds from being able to get the nutrients they need. Another easy option is to let your grass grow longer. The longer grass will help choke out space for the weeds to grow. This is lawn care in Highland Heights, Ohio, which is affordable. What if these methods are not helping your lawn and weeds are do start sprouting?


You can always call a Highland Heights, Ohio lawn care specialist to come and spray herbicide on the weeds. A trained Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Care Service professional uses as little herbicide as possible to treat the weeds with a spot-kill method. He or she may even recommend preventative treatment to kill crab grass. A professional Highland Heights, OH lawn care expert can help you kill weeds and have a heathy lawn once again.


Would you like to see a list of our services and learn how we can protect your lawn, visit www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/services? We offer a variety of services beyond weed control, including: leaf cleanup, fertilization, snow removal, aeration, lawn maintenance, lawn care and more! To see a price quote, visit http://www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/request-a-quote-form. Do you need to schedule service, but have a few questions? We can answer all your questions, if you call 877-331-6188 or you can email us at: fnhlawns@gmail.com. We can help take your lawn from a lawn of grass and weeds, to a lush, green carpet!





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