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Lawn Care Shaker Heights OH

 Five ways lawn care in Shaker Heights, OH regularly is Rewarding


Some homeowners may find it hard to stick to a schedule and faithfully does the Shaker Heights, Ohio lawn care week after week. But, persistence and dedication can pay off. Did you know you could repeat certain rewards if you do not neglect mowing your lawn and managing the Shaker Heights, OH lawn care.


For starters, a mowed lawn has a nice curb appeal. This can help you if you do decide to move. Did you know if do the lawn mowing regularly and have a lush lawn, that curb appeal could add at least $500 onto the price of your home? Do you still think Shaker Heights, Ohio lawn care is a chore?


Best ways Shaker Heights, Ohio lawn care benefits you and your Lawn


No worries about scalping - You save less in lawn care products, if you take your lawn upfront. If you do the lawn care and mow when the grass is a certain height, you will not accidently scalp the lawn and leave it without the nutrients it needs or subject it to a situation where it may later have to deal with soil erosion.


Fewer risks for disease - Your lawn will not be as exposed to a number of fungal conditions and grass-killing diseases. If you move on a schedule, it may be best to do the lawn care in Shaker Heights, OH and mow with a sharp reel-to-reel lawn mower or a traditional push or riding mower. Remember to keep the mow’s cutting blade sharp and think about the horsepower you want. A dull lawn mower blade means it can leave the end of your grass with more opportunity for diseases to come into your lawn and attack your grass.


Helps with fleas – If you do lawn care in Shaker Heights, Ohio; you leave the fleas with fewer places to hide in your grass. Fleas do not have the longer grass to hide, if you keep the grass short.


Helps with the allergies – If you are one 30 to 50 percent of people who regularly suffer with allergies, it may be worth the consideration to have a Bermuda grass lawn. Bermuda grass produces very little pollen and when regularly maintained and you do the lawn care in Shaker Heights, Ohio regularly, it can help. Mow regularly, trim, and edge after three mowing. There are also new hybrids of Bermuda grass that do not produce pollen.


Do you simply not have time for the Shaker Heights, Ohio lawn care or the rewards? The friendly professionals at Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Care Service can help. We offer fertilization, aeration, lawn mowing snow removal, leaf pickup and more! Give us a call at 877-331-6188 or e-mail us at fnhlawns@gmail.com to see how we can help you! We want to provide the best lawn care in Shaker Heights, OH, so you can be proud of your lush, green lawn.



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