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Lawn Maintenance Beachwood OH

Top Notch Lawn Maintenance service in Beachwood Ohio - Friendly Neighborhood Help 

Don't settle when it comes to your lawn. Let our staff take care of all of your lawn maintenance needs. Friendly neighborhood Help Lawn maintenace service has the knowledge and skill to take on any job you have. 

Create a safe rock zone on your lawn, so you do not need Beachwood, OH lawn Maintenance


Do you think much about that granite rock that sits on your lush, green lawn? You should, because many rocks release dangerous minerals into your soil and they can leech onto your grass. Granite rocks, except for red granite, are dangerous and not safe to plant in your yard or have on the lawn.


Many Ohioans may not think about the fact rocks may change the Ph balance of the soil and be harder for unsuspecting homeowners to keep a lush lawn and fulfill good Beachwood, Ohio lawn maintenance practices. Did you know some rocks contain magnesium? Magnesium can cause the soil in your lawn to become compacted. It may be hard to keep up with lawn maintenance in Beachwood, Ohio, thanks to what your lawn needs and if you must attend to extra lawn duties.


Fight back: create a safe-rock zone that is Beachwood, OH lawn maintenance free


Use rocks that are safe for landscaping. These types of rocks will not leech minerals into your soil. They also may help you control the weeds, so you have less lawn maintenance in Beachwood, OH to worry over. Mexican beach pebbles are a nice choice, especially if you choose to add a water feature in your lawn. The pebbles are smooth rocks that cost more than the $20 a bag. It may be a more expensive Beachwood, OH lawn maintenance splurge, but it gives your fountain or bed a modern, sophisticated option.


Besides the Zen vibe these rocks give, they also keep weeds from taking over your lawn. You could choke the weeds out if you place Mexican pebble rocks on top of them, though the stones may create a home for grubs. If you want good lawn maintenance in Beachwood, OH, all you need is to use a leaf blower to get rid of debris.


Opt for less lawn maintenance in Beachwood, OH with cool walkways and a rustic river Bed


Reducing the size of your lawn by 25% can be a great Beachwood, Ohio lawn maintenance option, if you do not like to mow. You can also opt to keep your lawn, lessen the ground you take in walkway space to no more than 15% and hire a professional that has experience in lawn maintenance in Beachwood, OH to mow. Our friendly staff at Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service pros can help you find the right rock for your landscaping projects – without any feature creating more lawn maintenance in Beachwood, OH.


For example, red gravel crushed rock is a beautiful addition to walkways, though it costs more. It does not leave the smaller gravel rock that requires a homeowner to vacuum and remove this smaller gravel underfoot. It may be a better option to build a rustic riverbed from rounded, river stones of all sizes. Be prepared to do more Beachwood, OH lawn maintenance, if you choose this option. Weeds can come up between the rocks themselves and be harder and more difficult to remove. For a cost of $100 for rock by the pound or $700 for rock by the ton, the rustic riverbeds can a cheaper landscaping option.


If you truly do not want the lawn maintenance in Beachwood, Ohio, why don’t you ask one of our Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Service pros? We can help you reduce stress by: doing the lawn mowing, controlling the weeds, maintaining the walkways, and keeping good lawn maintenance, when we use our Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance experts. If you need a quote for how much services may cost, visit our service page. We would love to help you with all your service needs. Please request a quote for services at: www.friendlyNeighborhoodHelp.com/request-a-quote. We allow you to see the price before you ever pay for services. Give us a call at 877-331-6177. At Friendly Neighborhood Help.com, we want to create a paradise, where you can relax, and we will handle the lawn maintenance in Beachwood, OH. See how we can transform your lawn from drab to fab!




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