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Lawn Maintenance Cuyahoga Falls

 Tips for keeping pests and ticks away from your lawn and Pets


During the summer months, ticks may be a problem in some Ohio yards. These bloodsucking pests can not only cause your pet anemia, Lyme’s disease and “tick paralysis,” they also may have free reign of your lawn. How can you stop these pests from being able to take over your backyard oasis?


One simple way to protect your lawn is to check your pet regularly for ticks. Pets pick up these pests on their fur, where the bloodsucking pests attach themselves to the skin and begin to feast on your dog or cat’s blood. If you check for ticks regularly, you may stop some from hitching a ride into your lawn. There is more you can do to stop these creatures.


Take preventative Cuyahoga falls, OH lawn maintenance steps


Stopping ticks may require a homeowner to take preventative maintenance steps to protect your lawn. What lawn maintenance in Cuyahoga falls, Ohio is needed? Did you know that a lawn cut short gives ticks fewer places to hide? Why stop at the lawn? Your fence line, trees, and shrubs may also be great places to keep the grass short around.


This lawn maintenance in Cuyahoga falls, Ohio can lessen the number of intruders on your lawn. You may have to widen your Cuyahoga falls, OH lawn maintenance efforts, overall. Have you taken extra Cuyahoga falls, OH lawn maintenance steps, such as dumping out birdbaths with standing water? Water that is left standing can be an open invitation to pests, especially mosquitoes.

 Friendly Neighborhood Help , lawn maintenance in cuyahoga falls ohio - friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com

Lawn maintenance pros may recommend you treat your lawn


You may have to treat more than your pet to keep ticks and fleas from being able to live in your backyard. A lawn maintenance specialist, such as one at Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service, can help you decide how best to treat your lawn. Our Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service knows ways to help you reduce the fleas and ticks on your lawn – without hurting your dog.


Did you know that it may be possible to treat your lawn, even when you cannot treat all the area around the woodpile? There are ways to deal with these pests, so you do not have to call about lawn maintenance in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, week after week. A Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service can offer a safe solution for you and your pet!


Give us a call today to schedule your lawn maintenance. Whether you need a one-off service or regular lawn maintenance in Cuyahoga Fall, OH, we can help. Whether you need fertilization and leaf cleanup or lawn maintenance in Cuyahoga falls, Ohio, we offer top-notch services. If you want to see our services and schedule lawn maintenance, we can help remove the lawn pests. We can also help with irrigation needs or fertilization of your lawn. To see our complete list of lawn services, visit www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/services. You can also request a price quote at:http://www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/request-a-quote-form. Give us a call or email, 877-331-6188 or fnhlawns@gmail.com to ask us about your lawn problems. We are here to help you get rid of all your lawn pests!


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