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Lawn Maintenance Richmond Heights OH

 Richmond Heights, OH lawn maintenance tips to prepare your lawn for Winter


Is your lawn ready for winter? It may require a little lawn maintenance in Richmond Heights, Ohio, but it is possible to winterize your lawn. Did you know that the harsh winter winds, weight of the snow, and cold temperatures could cause damage to your lawn? How can you prepare your lawn for winter and protect the landscape around your lawn?


Here are six ways that you can do a little lawn maintenance in Richmond Heights, Ohio and make sure your lawn is ready for the spring.


·         Love your lawn – Don’t forget the old Richmond Heights, OH maintenance tip that you should remove leaves before the first winter snow of the season. If you remove the leaves, you will ensure that your grass will be able to breathe. You can also prepare your lawn by keeping up with a little lawn maintenance in Richmond Heights, OH. Spread a thin layer of fertilizer on the grass and aerate those grass roots. Aeration will help prepare your lawn to take grass seed. It is an important part of Richmond Heights, Ohio lawn maintenance.

·         Watch your grass’s height – Did you know that grass grows at different heights, depending on the type of grass? It is best that you check the grass height, so that you can mow the grass when it is too high and grows too fast. A short cut can damage your lawn. However, if you leave grass too long, it may buckle under the weight of the snow. If you want the right balance, you should cut your grass an inch higher than the recommended height. Too high of grass can cause Richmond Heights, OH lawn maintenance problems and make it easier for you to scalp your grass the next time you mow.

·         Remove ornamentals and plants – Some plants and ornamentals are not meant to be left in the cold winter weather. These are plants, which must be taken in, before the colder weather arrives. If you want these plants and ornamentals to thrive in the winter months, try to place them away from drafty windows. Have a lawn maintenance plan that includes birdbaths, too. The colder weather may cause some birdbath stands to crack, if the water is not drained from these birdbaths in the winter.

·         Ready young flowers and trees – The harsh winds can make it hard for young flowers and trees to keep from not taking a beating. Did you know it is possible to protect your flowers and young trees, if you use this Richmond Heights, OH lawn maintenance tip. Wrap your flowers or young trees in protective screens that are made with wiring and fabric. This will give the plants and trees a little comfort and not cause these plants and trees to break under the higher wind gusts.

·         No ice – It does not mean you have to like the ice that may form in the winter on walkways and stairwells. Traditionally, homeowners have fought the ice with sand, salt or a de-icer. It may help to have a maintenance plan, such as you create a barrier by using burlap on the steps. Ice will form on the steps themselves.

·         Rake the leaves – If you rake the leaves, you will not encourage the leaves to be living places for a variety of bugs.


If you do plan to winterize your lawn and simply do not know where to start, give us a call, 877-331-6188. We can help you to see the lush green growth in your lawn from the start. We offer leaf cleanup, but also a number of services, this includes: aeration, lawn mowing, leaf cleanup, and more.



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