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Lawn Maintenance Shaker Heights OH

 Best Shaker Heights, OH lawn maintenance practices in a drought protect your Lawn


Many Ohioans think that drought is a bad thing when it comes to their lawn, but this is not always the case if your lawn facing a drought. The good news is most grasses will not die, if a drought is imposed. It is more likely that your grass will simply go dormant during a drought and not require as much water.


However, many Ohioans see a brown lawn and think that their lawn maintenance in Shaker Heights, OH is finished because their lawn has died. Your lawn may turn brown to protect itself when it does not get enough water. It can go months without water, so you lawn maintenance play may change if your lawn is in a drought.


Lawn maintenance in Shaker Heights, Ohio may require some creativeness to care for plants


If there is a water shortage, it is important to prioritize where your water goes in a drought. How much are you allowed to water a week and which of your plants need the water the most? It may not be the ideal Shaker Heights, Ohio lawn maintenance plan, but it will help your lawn in a water shortage.


If your lawn gets little water in a drought, it is best not to water here and there in spots. Let your lawn go brown. This browning is your lawn’s way of being able to prepare for months without water. It goes your lawn confidence to tough out a drought, instead of any homeowner that waters in spots and tricks your lawn into believing a drought is end very soon. Spot watering does not prepare your lawn to deal with lawn maintenance problems that are caused by little water.


If you are able to water the lawn, try watering at 1/20” of an inch. It is not the inch or two that your lawn is familiar with to under normal Shaker Heights, OH lawn maintenance conditions, but it is lawn maintenance that a drought-stressed lawn can handle. In a drought, you want to keep the roots of your grass healthy, so your lawn can bounce back after officials lift the drought restrictions.


Fertilize the grass often before a drought is good lawn maintenance in Shaker Heights, OH


You may have heard the best advice is to fertilize your lawn often before a drought. What does it matter if your lawn is fertilized and is a drought? Fertilization does make it easier for you if your lawn does need lawn maintenance in a drought. You may not be able to water your lawn as much or as deeply in times of drought, but a fertilized lawn recovers from a drought faster than a lawn that is not fertilized on a Shaker Heights, OH lawn maintenance schedule, beforehand.


Once your lawn is in a drought, it is too late to fertilize and hope your lawn turns green. You can protect yourself from a drought beforehand, if you are smart about the type of grass you plant. Not all grasses need the same amount of water for growth as others. It is best to avoid grasses that require a great amount of lawn maintenance in Shaker Heights, Ohio and larger amounts of water. Water hogging varieties of grass are Bent grass, perennial ryegrass, Kentucky grass, and fescue grasses. If you want to plant a variety of grass that uses less water, opt for Bermuda or Buffalo grass. However, not every homeowner in Shaker Heights will want to take his or her lawn maintenance in Shaker Heights, Ohio so far as to change the type of grass planted. In any case, you still need to have a good water and lawn maintenance plan in a drought.


Should you treat your lawn for pests during a drought? You may have questions about lawn maintenance in Shaker Heights, OH and we can help. As friendly professionals, we have helped many lawns in times of drought. We have helped design lawn maintenance in Shaker Heights, Ohio that will not stress your lawn in a drought and still prepare you lawn when water is limited. Give us a call, at 877-331-6188 or e-mail fnhlawns@gmai.com, if you need advice and help to develop a great Shaker Heights, OH lawn maintenance plan before, during, or after a drought. Our Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service experts can recommend the best course of action! We want to help you have a green, lush lawn after a drought! We offer a variety of services, including weed control and aeration, so we can help you with whatever lawn problem you have and offer the best lawn maintenance solution!







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