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Lawn Maintenance South Euclid OH


Lawn Maintenance in South Euclid Ohio - Friendly Neighborhood Help 

Many Ohioans should consider a lawn that makes use of ornamental grasses. There are two great reasons to plant ornamental grasses in any lawn. First, many of these grasses are drought-resistant. Feather Reed grass is a great choice for an ornamental grass because it stays upright through the harshest winds and snow. It looks great the entire winter season, as it grows up to six feet in well-drained soil.


Second, many ornamental grasses are low-maintenance because they do not require the usual lawn maintenance in South Euclid, OH. You do not have to mow them on a regular basis and they still stay pretty through the summer and fall. In fact, you can plant ornamental grasses, which grow in all the seasons -- spring to winter.


Ornamental grasses that do not require South Euclid, OH lawn maintenance


There are so many choices to choose from to make your lawn a beautiful oasis. If you do plant ornamental grasses, you do not have to cover your entire lawn, but you can reduce the size of how much lawn you have to mow by 25%. In that 25%, you can plant ornamental grasses, such as the Little Bluestem. Not much fazes this prairie grass. Its lovely blue-red color may be a lovely surprise for guests. Do not let its grey-blue grass blades fool you. In autumn, this ornamental grass turns colors of purple, blue, and red. It does not get very tall, so it leaves you room to plant perennials among the grasses.


Do you have corners in your lawn that are too shady to grow traditional plants? Ornamental grasses are the perfect solution to correct this South Euclid, OH lawn maintenance problem. Why is an ornamental grass the perfect solution to this type of South Euclid, Ohio lawn maintenance problem? An ornamental grass, such as Japanese Forest grass does not take up much space. It matures at a foot high and it grows well in full shade. If you plant this ornamental grass, you will have little lawn maintenance in South Euclid, Ohio to do. The bare areas in your lawn will be gone.


Low-maintenance does not mean any lawn maintenance in South Euclid, OH


Do you have taller ornamental grasses in your South Euclid lawn? You still need a little lawn maintenance in South Euclid, Ohio to keep these grasses healthy. Many taller ornamental grasses require a deep watering, if there is no rainfall. Is your irrigation system a drip system? This system and method works best if you do plan to provide South Euclid, Ohio lawn maintenance for seasonal ornamental grasses.


Keep in mind many ornamental grasses may require a once a year pruning to promote growth. Does this sound like too much work to maintain a variety of beautiful ornamental grasses? You can always call a South Euclid, OH lawn maintenance pro to help keep your Ohio ornamental grass beautiful. A trained professional, such as the pros at Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service, trims your ornamental grass, so you can relax. Our pros provide lawn care and we keep your backyard garden beautiful spring until fall. We prepare your garden space in the winter. In spring, you have a beautiful garden, again. We offer affordable lawn maintenance in South Euclid, Ohio, so you have no excuse not to have a beautiful garden! Your ornamental grasses deserve the best lawn maintenance care that Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service pros give!


Give us a call and let us help you plan your next landscape project. We will not stop with a simple design; we will provide the Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service. Are you nervous about the bill before work begins? Do not be. Call us at 877-331-6188 or e-mail:fnhlawns@gmail.com. We can help you create a lawn watering system and schedule, so you do not have to worry about South Euclid, Ohio lawn maintenance. We will take of the details, so you have a beautiful lawn each year!


We recommend weekly lawn maintenance in South Euclid for all of our customers who want to achieve a nice thick healthy lawn. Can you achieve this on your own, Maybe but why add another job to your already busy schedule this summer. Hire us and we can give you your summer life back


South Euclid Oh lawn maintenance at its best!

How our neighbors in the South Euclid Ohio area benefit from using our Lawn Care service.

1. No Contracts- We don't feel the need to put the pressure of contracts on our customers. Also we are confident that once you sign up with us you will become a customer for years to come.

2. Uniformed Friendly Staff- All of our well-trained student workers wear uniforms while doing lawn care in the Stow area.

3. Easy Payments- We automate your whole lawn care experience. Once you sign up all you have to do is enjoy your summer and we will take care of the rest.

4. Dependable Service- We answer our phones, We listen to our customers, We show up on scheduled Lawn Care days!

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