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Lawn Maintenance University Heights OH

Top Lawn Maintenance in University Heights Ohio - Friendly Neighborhood Help 

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Here are a few lawn maintenance facts: 

 Say ‘signora’ to melt-out disease when you do lawn Maintenance in University Heights, OH


Melt-out disease is bad news for your Ohio lawn because it does not hit the shoots or the leaves; it affects every part of your grass – roots, too. The good news is this disease is easy to treat, if you use a fungicide when you first see signs of the disease. How can you tell if your yard needs some lawn maintenance in University Heights, OH?


What are the signs your lawn has melt-out disease and needs lawn maintenance in University Heights, Ohio? Its bulls-eye pattern is a definite sign your lawn has been infected. This pattern appears on the leaves and then, it spreads to the leaf sheaves, crowns, and the roots. It destroys every part of the tender grass blade. If you take action at the first signs of the disease, you may be able to stop the damage and save what was once a healthy, green lawn.

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What causes it and how does a homeowner’s University Heights, OH maintenance plan help?


This spring fungal disease, likes cool season grasses. Ohioans may want to watch areas of their lawn very carefully, for signs of the melting pot disease. Grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass and other turf grasses, are susceptible to this fungus. This disease germinates and attacks the leaf tissue. Once it does, the cells in the turf grass are destroyed and the first spots appear. From there, the disease quickly spreads. Homeowners and renters that want to save their lawns must apply University Heights, OH lawn maintenance plans quickly and execute their plans. Swift action is the only way to save your lawns and still allow you to have a green lawn in the summer! Lawn maintenance in University Heights, Ohio will be ineffective, unless you take swift action and use a heavy hand at the first signs of attack. Please, do look for signs of the disease, as you have done lawn maintenance in University Heights, OH. Once you have rid an area of melting pot, be vigilante. This fungal disease may not be gone. It can return in the same spot, twice, and attack and kill your grass again.


Is it time to fight this fungal disease with a well thought-out lawn maintenance plan?


Given its ability to attack repeatedly, you may be best not fighting this disease alone. You may need to call a trained professional to treat this fungal disease. A lawn maintenance professional can take steps to ensure your lawn never has the opportunity to experience this disease. A Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service professional can watch your lawn, so conditions are not right to allow melting pot disease to grow and spread. Why worry about this fungal disease f your lawn really does not need to experience the devastating effects? You deserve a green lawn and not a yellow one!


Our Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service expert can treat your lawn without making a rookie mistake of adding a broadleaf herbicide. Do not use herbicides to treat fungal diseases. They will not actively fight a fungal disease. A University Heights, Ohio lawn maintenance plan that recommends an herbicide application will do more harm to your lawn, as it does encourage the melting pot disease to spread. A Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service pro will not the use of any herbicide, once he or she has first seen the signs of melting-pot disease.


Our professionals want the best for your lawn; we know you want a green lawn. You did hard work in the past, to solve many problems in lawn maintenance in University Heights, Ohio. Nevertheless, some fungal diseases are difficult to treat and can affect your lawn deeply. You may need to call a professional and seek a Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service to fix the problem. Call us at 877-331-6188 to see how we can help you. We offer a variety of services. Are you online? You can also e-mail us at: fnhlawns.gmail.com. Whatever services or lawn maintenance in University Heights, Ohio you need, our team of experts can provide!






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