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Lawn Maintenance Willoughby Hills OH

 Feed your lawn well with fertilizer when during lawn maintenance in Willoughby Hills, OH


Many homeowners’ dream is to have the most beautiful, greenest lawn by spring. However, adding more fertilizer to get the job done is not helpful when it comes to the ability to make your lawn green. Willoughby Hills, OH lawn maintenance specialists will tell you it is better to use a fertilizer safely. Fertilizer is made from a type of different ion salts. The fertilizer can draw the moisture out of the blades of grass. It is a nutrient your soil needs. Salt in the fertilizer is not the only problem except when you need to apply fertilizer, according to your Willoughby Hills, Ohio lawn maintenance schedule.


The biggest problem is this, how do you know if you introduce too much salt into your soil? Salt is natural in many soils. Too much salt from a fertilizer application can be harmful to the grass and soil. If you do not know the salt content in your soil, the listed percentage of soil in a fertilizer is information that helps you a little. You need to know how much salt is in your soil and in the lawn fertilizer. Many lawn owners may not know this is why your lawn maintenance in Willoughby Hills, Ohio needs both sets of data to be 100% successful and you do not want to opt out on the opportunity to get a soil test.


What type of salt does your lawn need in times of Willoughby Hills, Ohio lawn maintenance?


Sodium nitrate is one of the ways fertilizer manufacturers add salt to their product. Manufacturers have added it to fertilizer since the 1940s. This is an old practice. Still, salt in a fertilizer is not the only problem for lawn owners. Fertilizer contains potassium and other nutrients that may affect the Ph balance of your lawn during some lawn maintenance in Willoughby Hills, OH. Salt can lower the acidity in a soil and make it more suitable for you to grow a green lawn.


It is very easy to add too much salt to a lawn. Every fertilizer maker includes a table on their product that says how much salt in the fertilizer, by percentage. If you do not know how much salt is in your soil, you can easily over fertilizer your lawn. How do you not over fertilizer or over salt? The best way to make certain you are not doing either is to call a pro! Our pros from Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service can help. We test your soil and apply the fertilizer for you, so you do not have to worry about a brown lawn come summertime.


Ask a Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance pro for help!


A pro can help you find the Ph balance, so your soil is not too acidic. Your grass can grow a nice, green lawn in the summer. Many grasses are not tolerant of a fertilizer that has too much salt. The Kentucky bluegrass is a grass that does not tolerate over fertilizing; the salt dries out your blades of grass. It is hard to get a salt balance perfect between a fertilizer and your soil. If you have this balance, it helps you control the salt content.


Too much salt from a fertilizer and your grass does not grow well. If you hire a pro, the act is two-fold. A professional can help you fertilizer your lawn, based on its grass type. Our pros can help you maintain an ongoing maintenance schedule, too. Did you know cooler grasses have a different fertilizer schedule than warmer grasses? A Friendly Neighborhood Help pro can suggest the best maintenance schedule for your lawn and help you apply it. You do not have to dread the price of the lawn maintenance in Willoughby Hills, Ohio from a Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service expert.


We provide reasonable-priced services. Our Friendly Neighborhood Help team of lawn experts can recommend the best services to help keep your lawn great all year long. You do not need to guess on the cost. Get a free quote for lawn mowing or snow removal services, and more, by visiting: www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/request-a-quote-form. You can call us at 877-331-6188, or e-mail us at fnhlawns@gmail.com. We would love to discuss your lawn maintenance, Willoughby Hills, OH needs or to schedule the maintenance you need! We offer you our lawn mowing, snow removal, removal of weeds, aeration, lawn mowing, gutter cleaning services and more! Let us help you before you try to over fertilize the lawn. Try our guaranteed Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Maintenance Service for any of your lawn needs!






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