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Lawn Mowing Bedford OH

 Choose Lawn Mowing in Bedford Ohio from the Best. 

Our Bedford Ohio Lawn Mowing Services is the top in the city. We offer Online lawn mowing orders that saves you time and money. 

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Care is needed so lawn mowing in Bedford, OH does not hurt Trees


Ohioans need to take care when doing Bedford, Ohio lawn mowing, so they do not accidently nick the bark on freshly planted trees. It is small nick, but the smallest nick can leave a tree vulnerable to diseases and fungal infections. Trees with softer bark, such as birch or ash trees, may by more susceptible to damage.


A tree may recover, if damaged by a homeowner during lawn mowing in Bedford, Ohio. A tree may have to cut back on leaf production, the ability to grow, or get the food it needs to can heal. As long as the damage to a tree in your lawn is not repetitive or around the entire base of the tree, a tree may live. The smaller the damages from lawn mowing or trimming, a tree has a better chance of survival.


All Bedford, OH lawn-mowing wounds are serious to trees


It does not matter the size of the wound. Once wounded, even the smallest nick is a danger to a tree. The damage allows wood rooting beetles inside a healthy tree. Any damage to the bark also opens the door for fungal infections to occur. But, you can prevent damage. You only need to make some changes in how you do your lawn mowing in Bedford, OH.


One of the best ways to protect any of the trees in your yard from Bedford, OH lawn mowing accidents is to kill the grass around your tree and create a neutral zone. In doing this, you also make an area where weeds cannot grow. If you have larger trees, there may be weeds at the base of the tree, but there may not harm a tree’s growth at all. It may not make your landscaped lawn look beautiful!


Herbicides and mulch rings may offer trees extra protection and create a barrier for trees


Did you know that an herbicide could be useful to remove grass and weeds around a tree’s base? The point of doing the Bedford, Ohio lawn mowing is to keep the grass short and remove unsightly weeds. However, if there are no weeds or grass to remove, this can protect your tree from any lawn mowing accidents. Homeowners need to read the directions on all herbicides though, because it is still possible to damage and kill your tree. You do not want to apply too much herbicide. You can damage your soil and kill a tree.


Mulch rings are a good alternative, if you are worried that you will damage your tree by lawn mowing too close to the base. It also may save time with the lawn care; you do not have to weed directly around the tree. What type of mulch do you need? A lawn care and lawn-mowing professional can help. He or she can suggest the best way to care for the tree or trees on your property – without you being afraid you may damage the base of the tree. At Friendly Neighborhood Help, our Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Mowing Service can help you keep your lawn lush and green. Our Friendly Neighborhood Lawn Mowing Service specialists can make sure your lawn is the proper height and your trees are undamaged – no matter if you choose to add a mulch ring or mow around your trees.


Give us a call at 877-331-6188 or e-mail us at, fnhlawns@gmail.com, to see how we can help you. We also offer other services, such as: fertilization, aeration, weed control, snow removal, and more! We can offer both a snow removal quote, www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/snowclearing, and a lawn-mowing quote, www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/lawnmowing, in minutes. Our services are guaranteed, so call us! We like to see our customers smile.




Bedford Ohio Lawn Mowing Company that won't be Beat! 

Mowing lawns in Bedford Ohio is an art that we mastered Years ago! Try us out.

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