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Lawn Mowing Euclid OH

Six of the best Euclid, OH lawn mowing tips to guide you to a lush, green Lawn


You may have seen your neighbor’s lush, green lawn that looks like a carpet and may have been envious. Anyone can have a lush, green lawn, if he or she cares for their grass and do the maintenance to keep it lush and green.

Lawn mowing in Euclid Ohio is more advance then the kid down the street mowing your lawn then leaving. We take a different approach to it.When we mow your lawn we make sure we change the mow direction each week. With our weekly customers that means we give you 4 different mow directions each week. This ensures no burn marks and makes your lawn healthier. We also put a crisp edge on all grass areas with a stick edger. We also consider clean up a job within itself. Lawn mowing creates a mess on both driveways and walkways which we make sure we remove all debris from both.

Euclid Ohio lawn mowing is where it all began.

Friendly Neighborhood Help first started in Euclid Ohio with 20 lawns and 20 beautiful neighbors. We have evolved to more cities including the Akron area since then. Lawn mowing is a passion for us and we would love to work with you.

What does it take to have a lush, green lawn? Many homeowners may think they need to buy an expensive weed control treatment or an expensive lawn mower to do the lawn mowing in Euclid, OH. The truth is it does not take expensive Euclid, Ohio lawn-mowing equipment. You only need the knowledge of how to best care for your lawn in order to have green lawn – season after season! Here are six ways you can ensure you are on the path to being able to have a green lawn.


Do not mow too often – Grass varieties all grow at different heights. Some varieties grow faster than others do. However, many homeowners may make the mistake of mowing their lawn too often. Lawn mowing in Euclid, Ohio does not save time in this way. It weakens the grass roots and makes your lawn more susceptible to funguses, molds, and lawn care diseases.


It is important to mow only a third of inch off your grass blades at a time. You do not want to stress your lawn because you took too much off during the hottest months of the year this summer. Your grass will not grow as fast during the summer, which means it is also slow to recover if it suffers injury. Ohioans likely have cool season grasses and if you do lawn mowing in Euclid, OH too much, you may kill your grass.

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Add some compost – Did you know that if you give your lawn a quarter inch of compost in a French dressing, you are helping to build a greener lawn. You add nutrients that your lawn needs to grow. Then when you do the Euclid, Ohio lawn mowing, you will not stress your grass. It will develop many deep roots and be able to better protect itself against diseases.


Thicken your turf – It is best to aim for this goal from the start – when you plant your grass. Then, when you are ready to do the lawn mowing in Euclid, Ohio, you will have a beautiful lawn. The best way to have a thick turf is to buy the proper cool season grass – Kentucky bluegrass, a bluegrass perennial or ryegrass are great choices for Ohio’s climate. Fescue is a great choice, too. Think about your soil, as well as the climate. Which grass would grow best in your soil if it is very compacted or it is sandy? Do you need a lawn-mowing professional to help you choose a grass seed? The Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Mowing Service pros can recommend grass seed that will thicken your turf and is a hearty variety, so you do not get many weeds. If you really want the best grass seed, buy a grass seed that costs more, from a known brand. Do not choose an inexpensive brand. Check the germination date too; you do not want to buy grass seed where the germination date is more than a year old!


Beef up your irrigation system – Watering at the right time is only part of the maintenance technique, so you have a green lawn. The other part is being able to give your lawn the water it needs – to grow strong roots. Overwatering or watering at the wrong time does waste water. It means 25,000 gallons a year of water is wasted. If you want a strong, green lawn through lawn mowing in Euclid, OH and other techniques, you have to have a consistent maintenance plan that you follow. Avoid bad irrigation mistakes, such as watering in the evening. Evening watering only encourages mold to grow. Whether you are using the old sprinkler system or you have a sophisticated watering system, it is important that you water only where needed – not walkways or driveways. You want to make sure your lawn gets enough water, without you overwatering the grass. Get a time if you do have sprinklers. This will keep your lawn from being overwatered.


Sharpen the Euclid, Ohio lawn-mowing blade – Many homeowners may water their lawn on a schedule, do grass cycling, fertilize, and aerate their lawn once a year. Nevertheless, they neglect the most important part needed to have a healthy lawn. It is not the schedule of lawn mowing in Euclid, Ohio, which is a problem. Homeowners forget to sharpen their lawn mower blades.


Invest in a second lawn-mowing blade, for $30 or under. This allows you to do your lawn mowing in Euclid, OH without interruption. Before you do the Euclid, Ohio lawn mowing, check to make sure you have a sharp blade. A sharp blade will cut the grass blades cleanly, without the task you encourage more opportunities to leave your lawn open to fungal infections and diseases. Did you know that if you do your lawn mowing in Euclid, OH with a sharpened blade, you also reduce the time it takes to move your lawn? If you lawn mower blade is dull, you may have to take more passes to get your lawn the proper height.


Are you too busy to find time to maintain your lawn or follow these lawn-mowing tips? At Friendly Neighborhood Help, we can help you from the start, so you have a green lawn season after season. We can help you choose the right grass season, water smartly, and perform all the lawn maintenance for you.


Give us a call, at 877-331-6188, to see how we can help you with regular Euclid, OH lawn mowing. Our Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Mowing Service experts can guide you and assist, so you do not have to worry about your lush, green lawn. We offer a variety of services, at www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/services. Get a price quote at: www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/request-a-quote, and then order services quickly at: www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/lawnmowing. We offer guaranteed service! We know everyone wants a lush, green lawn! So, let us put in the work, so you can sit back and admire!


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