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Lawn Mowing Mayfield OH

 Your lawn mowing in Mayfield, Ohio is not finished without lawn edging and Trimming


You can have the best Mayfield, OH lawn-mowing job done on your lawn and your lawn still does not look its best until you edge around around the trees and trim between the driveway and the lawn. Many inexperienced homeowners who mow their lawns every week may not know how often to do trimming or what the difference is between trimming your lawn and edging it.


Did you know after you do the lawn mowing in Mayfield, OH, it is best to trim your lawn after the third or fourth time you mow the yard. They may seem similar, but trimming and edging are two different cuts that you make to your lawn. What is the difference between edging and trimming after you do the lawn mowing in Mayfield, Ohio? Edging is a vertical cut that is not just a way to provide great curb appeal. It also is a way to keep lawn grasses from creeping into your flowerbeds in your front or back lawn.

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Electric or gas, these tools make your lawn mowing in Mayfield, OH look perfect


Does it matter whether you choose to buy an electric model or gas model trimmer or edger? The size of the Mayfield, Ohio lawn-mowing area may dictate what type of an edger, or trimmer you buy – gas or electric. If you have a large area to cover, it is best not to use an electric corded model of trimmer or edger. These tools will only reach about 150’ away from an electrical outlet.


However, the smaller trimmers may not offer the same performance level as gas-powered models. They are cheap, quieter than the gas models, and lightweight. They often times cost less than gas-powered trimmers. For those homeowners on a budget, these trimmers may be a good option to do the trimming after a Mayfield, OH lawn mowing.


Do not forget the one-third rule while lawn mowing in Mayfield, Ohio or trimming!


If you do need to trim you lawn after a lawn mowing in Mayfield, OH, do not make a mistake and cut the grass too short. Your grass should be cut one-third off the grass blade, whether you are doing a Mayfield, OH lawn mowing or trimming job. Trimmed grass should be flush with the rest of the lawn-mowed grass, so no one sees the difference between the lawn mowing in Mayfield, OH and the grass where you were trimming.


It is easy to get a quality trimmer for $80 to $600. Edgers may run you more, depending on if you want an electric model or a gas model, two-cycle or four-cycle, so you can take your lawn mowing in Mayfield, Ohio up a notch. A good edger may run $89 to more than $350. The price depends on your needs.


Will it save you money to hire a Mayfield, Ohio lawn mowing expert?


If you do not plan to use your edger or trimmer much, you may be better off to hire a professional in Mayfield to take of this when they do your lawn mowing. However, most lawn services will provide edging and trimming in their price, asking is the best policy. No one wants surprises when it comes to what is included with the lawn mowing in Mayfield, Ohio. At Friendly Neighborhood Help, we can help you save your money and time. Why waste your time edging and trimming, when we can do this at a fraction of the time, for less? We also will send our expert to provide our Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Mowing Service. It only takes a phone call to schedule a service and we can easily help with other lawn care needs, too. We are also easily available online, through our website, www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com. We offer guaranteed service, so you do not have to worry if your Mayfield, OH lawn-mowing job is not of the highest quality. Do you need snow removal or leaf cleanup? You can schedule snow removal in less than three minutes, with our online scheduling system. Visit www.friendlyneighorhoodhelp.com/snow-clearing. Let us handle the rest of the details!





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