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Lawn Mowing Willoughby Hills OH

 Buy a lawn mower blade that makes lawn mowing in Willoughby Hills, OH Easier


Lawn mowers are not all created equal when it comes time to do the lawn mowing in Willoughby Hills, Ohio. There are several different types of lawn mowers and all use blades for cutting grass. The difference is in how the blades on your machine cut the grass. Is the grass cut by a machine that makes a clean, not-too-short cut of the grass?   


Some lawn mowers do not make clean cuts; instead, they almost chew the grass in order to shorten a lawn that is a higher height. It is best to have a sharp lawn mower blade that makes clean cuts and does not chew the grass when it cuts it. Lawn mowing in Willoughby Hills, OH, by a reel lawn mower, produces clean cuts leaves less opportunity to introduce your grass to fungi or produces less stress to your grass. Grass that is stressed is more susceptible to diseases and may not produce enough chlorophyll to provide you a lush, green lawn. It may make your lawn more susceptible to disease.


Proper height is important when lawn mowing in Willoughby Hills, Ohio


What is the proper height for your grass? It depends of what type of grass you have in your yard. A proper height for grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fine fescues should be no shorter than 2 inches from the root to the top of the blade and can be as long as a little over 3 inches.


During summer months, it is best not to mow any more than a half inch off your grass. The heat is stressful to grass and can cause it to slow production of the chlorophorl that it needs to produce energy to fuel the tender blades. It is also best to remember the one-third rule and not mow your lawn any more than a taking a third off your grass blades in a single mowing. If you follow this Willoughby Hills, Ohio lawn-mowing tip, your grass will not be as stressed and will be able to be lush and greener – even in the summer!


Does it matter which lawn mower you Buy?


Some people prefer to use a reel lawn mower when lawn mowing in Willoughby Hills, Ohio. Others swear by a lawn mower that has rotary blades, whose blades are regularly sharpened, and the mower is in good-working condition. Does it really matter? Some homeowners may prefer the reel lawn mowers because they say the old-fashion drums cut the blades of grass much like scissors and allow a cleaner cut. However, rotary lawn mowers do a good job.


It is also important to change the direction that you mow your grass every few times. It best to change Willoughby Hills, Ohio lawn mowing directions every one to two mowing sessions, so your grass benefits. Why does changing the direction help your lawn? There are a few advantages to if you change often the direction that you are lawn mowing. One advantage is you can avoid scalping your lawn and causing the grass to die in a certain area of your lawn. Another advantage is if you cut in a different direction, known as double cutting, you can make your lawn look more green and luscious. Depending on which way the grass falls after you pass, it may appear to be a lighter or darker green. The force of the spinning lawn mower blades blows the grass as they cut them and light reflects off those blades. The reflecting light can make the grass blades look light or darker, depending on how the blades fall, when cut.


Time to hire a professional to provide Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Mowing Service


Some homeowners may not give much thought to lawn mowing. They may not have time mow their lawn when needed. There is no shame in calling a professional to provide Friendly Neighborhood Lawn Mowing Help Service. We can offer you a free quote, if you fill out our online form and you do not have to guess each month how much lawn mowing Willoughby Hills, OH services will be. Simply fill out our online form, www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/request-a-quote-form, and get a quote in three minutes. Do you need other services as well? Visit our services page and you can order leaf raking service, snow removal, gutter cleaning services, and more.


Call us at 877-331-6188, or e-mail us at: fnhlawns@gmail.com. We can help you keep your lawn mowed at the proper height!










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