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Lawn Service Akron Ohio

Newly seeded lawns may need special lawn service in Akron, OH before you treat Broad weeds


They can spring up everywhere – dandelions, Canada thistle, chick seed, clover and more! Perennial broad weeds can be a nuisance. The best way to rid your lawn of these weeds that choke out your grass is to understand how they spread. Are they spread by seed, stolons, or rhizomes? If you understand how they are spread, you can better choose an herbicide to kill your problems. Keep in mind some weeds require herbicides to treat the problem and others do not. This is why knowing what type of weed is in your yard is very important.


With a number of herbicides in the store, it may be difficult to know which one to choose. If you do not know, you may want to ask a professional lawn service in Akron, OH. If you have used a particular herbicide may times in past for dandelion invasions, you may have a problem trying to get rid of this broad weed. Broad weeds can develop a resistance to herbicides, which contain Dicamba or 2-4D. Is it time to call a professional lawn service in Akron, Ohio, to fix the problem?


How’s your lawn growth, before you call an Akron, OH lawn service


It depends on the treatment, but the costs for lawn care in Akron, Ohio could be expensive. However, the cost is worth having a green lawn, especially if you have a newly seeded lawn that needs special lawn service in Akron, OH. Lawn care professionals, such as our experts at Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Service can help. No homeowner wants to lose their newly seeded lawn due to a simply mistake of not knowing to wait four mowing sessions before treating their lawn.


If you do not have a newly seeded lawn but your grass is growing slowly, you could need to give your lawn some help. Some herbicides off a store shelf may not be strong enough to kill some broad weeds. It may be good to consult with a professional lawn service, such as Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Service, so you can get the herbicide you need.


Many times, half the battle is having the herbicide. The other is finding the time and having the knowledge to apply the herbicide correctly. For example, did you know you should not apply herbicide if it is warmer than 85 outside? Another common mistake that a homeowner may make is trying to spray this chemical when the wind is blowing. A lawn service in Akron, Ohio knows that the spray droplets will land on your grass and kill your grass, where the herbicide lands. If you see brown spots where it appears your lawn has been burned, your lawn may have received some of the herbicide application. Once burned, your grass will not grow without having the area reseeded.


Call an Akron, OH lawn service for help immediately


Many homeowners may not have time to reseed their lawns. But, you do not have to let this stop you from erasing a mistake and still being able to have a beautiful lawn. An Akron, Ohio lawn service professional, can easily help you reclaim your lawn from broad weeds and repair the damage of harsh herbicides.


If you need lawn service, give us a call at Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Service. We can help you spot treat the weeds, rather than applying an herbicide to kill all broad weeks in your lawn. It does not matter if your problem is clover or dandelions, at Friendly Neighborhood Help; we are here to make your lawn beautiful. Call us at 877-331-6188 or e-mail us at: fnhlawns@gmail.com . We offer a wide variety of services, which you can view at www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/services. From weed control to irrigation issues, we can help you keep a green lawn year-around.



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 Lawn Service in Akron Ohio - Friendly Neighborhood Help

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