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Lawn Service Bedford OH

Lawn Service in Bedford Ohio 

We offer the top lawn mowing service in the Bedford Ohio area. Weekly, Bi weekly , and one time services available to all our customers.

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Bedford Oh Lawn Service 

Get the best looking lawn in the bedford ohio area. Friendly Neighborhood help offers the most convenient service in town. Order online or give us a call its your choice. 

Time to call a lawn care service in Bedford, OH if you notice brown patch or other Funguses


The cool weather of Ohio is only one of the ingredients that make for the right conditions for a fungal disease to affect your trees, such as the Norway Maple Leaf. Funguses thrive in Ohio conditions, where the Bedford area gets too much rain and the cooler temperatures are cooler than usual.


Do you know the signs of brown patch? If your maple does have brown patch, small brown spots on a leaf. They are small spots at first, so you might not notice them at first. It not only causes spots, but it can cause the leaves to cause large discolored areas and the leaves to curl.


Call a lawn service professional quickly, if you do need lawn service in Bedford, Ohio


If you find your trees have brown patch, this fungal disease likely will not kill your trees. However, it may make them more susceptible to other diseases. Your trees could experience Tar spot or leaf blister of maple. These funguses may not respond to on-the-shelf homeowner fungicides. It may be better to hire a professional company that provides Bedford, OH lawn service to protect your trees and sprays a commercial fungicide during lawn care sessions, such as fungicide azoxystrobin. It is said this chemical works for lawn service in Bedford, OH.


If you are trying to decide to hire a Bedford, Ohio lawn service to treat your trees, either fungal disease will kill your trees. But, you may need heavy doses of fungicides to treat your trees and help those trees that need lawn service in Bedford, OH. It is said that a fungicide may not help if your tree has Tar spot, for example. You may not be able to control the fungicide if you do use chemicals, as it can ravage the beauty of your maple tree and cause it to lose its leaves early. The only thing to do in a situation such as this, where your tree is one of several infected trees, is to gather a lawn service pro’s leaves that have fallen to the ground. Gathering the infected trees may help save other trees you own from suffering the same fate, after a Bedford, OH lawn service employee surveys the damage.


Some professionals may recommend burning the infected leaves, if you do have a fungus. But, many city officials will not allow residents to burn leaves at a lawn service in Bedford, OH’s suggestion. If you cannot burn the leaves as a lawn service in Bedford, OH suggests, opt to gather the infected leaves. It may work just as well simply to rake the leaves into a trash bag and have an employee from a Bedford, OH lawn service dispose of the pile of leaves. It may be enough of an effective treatment suggestion from a Bedford, OH lawn service employee to protect future maple trees from this fungal infection.


Call us as soon as you suspect problems


At Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Service, we can help you fight back against fungal diseases. You do not have to accept your tree has a fungal infection and the fact a Bedford, OH lawn service employee may have to take a proactive approach to fight the problem. You may have to lose a tree, in order to protect more trees. Call us at 877-331-6188 or e-mail fnhlawns@gmail.com to see what we can do for you!




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Friendly neighborhood Help Lawn Service

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