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Lawn Service Highland Heights OH

Three ways a lawn service in Highland Heights, OH can help you manage surface tree Roots


Surface roots can cause problems for Ohioans and their lawns. Did you know the roots from white oaks might not only damage a lawn mower if you drive over the surface roots, it also may crowd out the grass and keep you from being able to have a lush, green lawn? These roots, sometimes, may not be seen until they have in 12” of top soil and grow significantly in diameter. These roots are a problem for your grass because they steal oxygen and other nutrients grass blades need to fight off diseases and pests.


However, tree roots are bad news for the soil, too. They may cause soil erosion and Ohio families that have Miami clay loam may see more tree roots that surface across the lawn. Surface tree roots are attracted to the Miami clay loam. The clay in the soil can mean it is more compacted and grass may grow poorly around these roots.


Call a Highland Heights, Ohio lawn service to help you get to the root of the problem


A professional lawn service in Highland Heights, Ohio can suggest helpful ways to help you keep a lush lawn around large tree roots. If you own a Norway maple, White maple, American Beech, Sweet Gum, Pin Oak, any poplars, or lindens, you can expect big support roots to be a problem in your lawn. Other trees, such as: Dogwoods, Hawthorns, Japanese Maples, and Burwoods wait until later to develop support roots.

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No burying the problem – A pro, who does lawn care in Highland Heights, OH every day, can help you face a root problem. You do not want to add soil on top of these large roots because you may compound your problem. Surface roots need soil to survive and if you place soil on top of these roots, you will suffocate the roots. But, you cut the tree off from oxygen and it may stress the tree or kill it, prematurely.


Do not cut them out of your life – The roots are the lifeline of a tree and they need access to oxygen to live. A Highland Heights, OH lawn service expert can suggest alternatives to he or she cutting tree roots. Once a tree root is cut, it will die and will not carry oxygen to the tree. You have introduced your tree to a slow death and fungal infection, where you made the cut. Once dead, you may have to pay more than a Highland Heights, OH lawn service professional to come and cut down your tree and remove the tree stump. This is a service may run between $500 to upwards of $1,000; it depends on the size of the tree.


Bring out the mulch – If you call a professional lawn service in Highland Heights, OH, such as Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Service, the best advice you may get to help your lawn is to use mulch. If an expert applies mulch where the tree base meets the ground, you or the Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Service pro may keep from causing damage to a lawn mower or trimmer. As your tree grows and the roots grow, a Highland Heights, OH lawn care pro may need to increase the area around the tree base and add more mulch.


Do any large tree roots steal your joy for having a beautiful lawn? Call a Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Service pro at 877-331-6188. We can help. We offer lawn service in Highland Heights, Ohio, but we also offer a variety of other services, www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/services. Visit our webpage, www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com to see how we can help you where you live. No matter what your problem, we can help you get down to the root of it -- or at least around it!



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