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Lawn Service Mayfield OH

 Knowledge makes a great Mayfield, Ohio lawn service business: six things an expert Knows  


How can you trust you will make a great decision when you choose a professional lawn service in Mayfield, OH to care for your lawn or flowerbed? One of the best reasons to hire a professional to do your Mayfield, Ohio lawn service, is our experts, at Friendly Neighborhood Help, are certified; we have years of experience and know-how.


Read the label - Homeowners may take the most important rule of lawn care for granted, if they decide to do their own lawn service in Mayfield, OH. They may not read the label, if they have bought a fertilizer or herbicide before. But, manufacturers change their recommendations on how much of these chemicals should be used or their delivery method. They may change the ratio of water to herbicide. Any lawn service professional knows to read the label every time they apply an herbicide or fertilizer. They do not want to lose your business because a professional Mayfield, Ohio lawn service expert burned your grass and made a mistake.


Practice the company’s best policies – Lawn service companies that want consistent lawn service in Mayfield, OH will have employees follow the same policies and practices. At Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Service, we began with six customers. Now, we service hundreds of customers and offer service weekly. For example, our employees walk the same speed when they apply a granular fertilizer, so you get an even application each time. The average walking speed to apply fertilizer is 3 to 3.5 mph, but the average speed, of a powered unit to spread fertilizer is 5 mph. We apply fertilizer the same way each time, so you can expect the same green lawn in the spring!

 Friendly Neighborhood Help , Lawn Service in Mayfield Ohio - friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com

Grub damage may take years to appear – Why does it take so long before these grubs start to eat your grass. A professional lawn service in Mayfield, Ohio knows it may be four or five years before thatch appears on your Ohio lawn; larvae thrive and live in this environment. Grub activity may increase during some years, thanks to the wet weather.


Rainy summers bring out Japanese beetles – These beetles love the wet weather and may be more of a problem for Ohioans during rainy summers. We receive more calls from homeowners that need professional lawn service in Mayfield, OH. If June and July are especially wet, these pests can damage to your lawn. At Friendly Neighborhood Help, we can offer an affordable maintenance plan, weekly, monthly, or longer.


All studied up – A professional Friendly Neighborhood Help Lawn Service provider can identify the lawn pests or diseases that may cause harm or destroy your grass or trees. Our pros have have professional training and we have earned our certification. This certification requires us to know Ohio’s common pests and diseases. Ohio’s most common grub threat and the reason why Ohioans need lawn service in Mayfield, Ohio, is the Northern Masked Chaffer. It is one of more than 2,000 threats to Ohio lawns.



Do you need professional lawn service or more services? We can help you with fertilizing, aerating, lawn mowing, re-seeding, snow removal, leaf cleanup, disease and pest control, weed control, and more! Call us at 877-331-6188 to see what professional lawn service in Mayfield, OH, or services we can offer you! Do you e-mail? You can tell us your concerns at: fnhlawns@gmail.com. We are here for you, no matter what lawn service in Mayfield, OH, you need!

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