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Snow Removal Bedford Ohio

Snow removal may not reveal damage, if you use road salt near your Lawn


Some homeowners want to melt the ice that coats their driveway and see nothing wrong with giving it a good salting with the same material used on roads. Nevertheless, it is best if you choose a snowmelt product that is not your old-fashioned road salt, used for driveways. The salt used for roads can be corrosive to your driveway and eat holes into the surface. However, your lawn can be an unsuspecting victim.


The road salt may mix with the snow on your lawn and make snow removal in Bedford, OH a mess. Did you know that the salt might cause the snow to melt onto the grass and allow the salt to be absorbed into the soil where it is concentrated? The salt from your driveway can be bad news for your lawn, when you need snow removal. It can change the Ph balance of your lawn.


What safe alternatives can you use, even if you do need Bedford, OH snow removal?


If you do not want to change the Ph balance of your lawn and damage your grass -- thanks to the excess salt – you can choose a non-salt alternative for your driveway. The problem with road salt is you may not see the damage from the salt until the snow removal in Bedford, OH is long over. A safer alternative is to use calcium chloride pellets. It will not hurt your lawn and you can say no to the white residue on your lawn. A non-road salt driveway ice melt is upwards of $16, almost three times the price of the $6 salt pellets, but it is a safer alternative. It will not damage your grass, if it blows onto your snow-covered lawn


You may not save on the price, but it is better no to wait until spring and long after a Bedford, OH snow removal job. Is it worth the cost to save yourself the trouble that may create burns in the grass and facilitate the need to hire a pro to do your lawn care after Bedford, Ohio snow removal? A professional can clear the lawn faster, getting the snow in one pass and lifting evenly, so you have a professional Bedford, OH snow removal job. Your lawn looks nice and you do not need to worry about salt that leaves more invisible damage you cannot see.


Call a professional Bedford, Ohio snow removal company for no worries!


 No matter which option you choose to melt snow from your driveway, you can rest easy and know your lawn will not suffer damage. A professional snow removal company, such as Friendly Neighborhood Help, provides snow removal in Bedford, OH for $250 for the season. You do not have to worry that salt may change the Ph level of your lawn and your lawn can look beautiful, even in winter. We can protect your lawn from snow mold, too.


We can help you with all your lawn needs, not just a one-off snow removal in Bedford, Ohio. Our Friendly Neighborhood Help Snow Removal Service is affordable. You do not need to buy a shovel or snow blower when winter hits because our Friendly Neighborhood Help Snow Removal Service staff has you covered. You can get a fast quote by going to: www.friendlyneighborhood help.com/snowclearing. We guarantee our services, so you know what you are buying upfront. You can always request a quote from us before we remove the snow in your yard, www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/request-a-quote. Do you know what you want or need? If you do not, you do not need to worry. You can always see a list of our services at: www.friendlyneighborhoodhelp.com/services. Call us at 877-331-6188 or e-mail us at: fnhlawns@gmail.com. Let us help you keep your lawn beautiful, without worrying that salt blowing into the lawn will cause permanent damage.











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Snow Removal Bedford Ohio - Friendly Neighborhood Help Snow Removal Service in Bedford Ohio  

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