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Winter Maintenance
Snow Plow Agreement


Dear  [clientfname] , 
FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC., hereby proposes to supply labor and equipment necessary to perform snow &/or sanding & salting services as outlined in this contract.


This SNOW REMOVAL CONTRACT (“Agreement”) is made and entered into this _28_ day, in the Month of: October , (Hereinafter referred to as Customer), and “FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP ,LLC” and will terminate on March 31st, ,2017.  Hereinafter referred to as Contractor) for snow maintenance services at the following location(s) (Hereinafter referred to as Property)
The term of this Agreement starts on the Commencement Date set forth above and, unless sooner terminated, ends on the Termination Date set forth above. Customer have the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate this Agreement on five (5) day’s prior written notice to FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC., shall be paid for its Service to the effective date of termination. If the property is sold or conveyed to a new owner, Customer may either assign this Agreement or terminate it without penalty, fee, cost or payment.
In consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, Contractor agrees to perform the following work:

Scope of Work
FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC. hereby proposes to supply labor and equipment necessary to perform snow &/or sanding & salting services:
              General Conditions
  1. FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC., shall perform all Services diligently and in a good, professional and first class manner, using good quality materials, equipment, workmanship and sufficiently trained personnel to the complete the Services in a safe and timely manner which does not unduly interfere with the operation of the Property, the business therein and their suppliers.
  2. Snowplowing operations to commence when two inches, or more, of snow accumulates as determined by contractor; irrespective of time of day or day of week and including all holidays. If sanding, salting or other melting agent is included in this Agreement, operations are to commence within one hour of Customer's request, or if agreed upon in writing in advance. A separate charge for this service applies.
  3. The Customer understands that plowing or ice control of a particular location may not clear the area to "bare pavement" and that slippery conditions may continue to prevail even after plowing or ice control services have occurred. The Customer understands that the FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC assumes no liability for this naturally occurring condition. The Customer is aware that weather conditions may change rapidly and without notice and that FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC assumes no liability for such changes in conditions. During operations and after completion of operations, Customer agrees to indemnify and save harmless the FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC, and its employees, against any and all claims by the Customer, its employees or third parties, their heirs, executors, administrators, successors, surrogates, or assignees, arising on account of death or injuries to persons or damage to property, arising out of use of, or traveling at, or onto, the Property, whether or not such claim, damage, injury or death results from the negligence of Customer, FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC or others. Customer shall defend all suits and claims arising from or incidental to the work under the Agreement, without expense or annoyance to the Contractor or its employees.
  1. INDEMNITY: To the fullest extent permitted by law, Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC, it’s owners, agents, consultants, employees, and subcontractors, from all claims for bodily injury and property damage that may arise from Customer’s premises including any acts or omissions by Customer or Customer’s subcontractors whether employed directly or indirectly, which occur while FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP  is not physically on premises. It is understood that the Contractor is not responsible for incidental damages from plowing or deicing materials to ground cover, shrubbery, landscape lighting, parking curbs, paver bricks, hardscapes, blacktop surfaces, concrete, movement of gravel, moving of vehicles, and snow piling around parked vehicles. 
  1. Insurance: Throughout the terms of this Agreement, FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC, shall maintain appropriate insurance coverage throughout the term of this Agreement.  This shall include comprehensive general liability covering bodily injury and property damage, and automobile liability covering all vehicles, equipment and their operators. Upon request, FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC, shall present to Customer a certificate of insurance evidencing that all such coverage’s are in full force and effect prior to performing Services.


  1. The Customer must keep plowing areas clear of vehicles, debris, newspapers, and various other items to ensure a thorough plowing.  Customer must keep vehicles garaged.  It is in our company policy to stay a minimum of (2) two feet away from garage doors and all vehicles parked in the plowing area.  If a vehicle is blocking the area to be plowed, the Contractor will only plow the open portion of the plowing area.
  1. Snow maintenance services shall be completed during over-night hours, throughout snowfall and upon completion.
  1. Contractor shall apply anti-icing chemicals, as specified in this contract, to maintain passage conditions for vehicular & pedestrian traffic at Property.
  1. Icy conditions will be treated chemically based on customer choice.
  1. Contractor may install marker stakes along Customer driveway to help protect the lawn and other property from plow damage and to prevent damage to plow equipment. Customer agrees not to remove these stakes.  Contractor will return on the termination agreement date to collect stakes.

Service Options:

  • Seasonal Push Option
  • Ice Control/De-icing materials
    • Salt Applications (i.e. Rock Salt)
    • Calcium Chloride
  • Sidewalk & Walkways

  1. Service is effective between November 1, 2016 through March 31st, 2017
  2. Contractor will not perform plowing services until any past due balances are paid in full.
Billing and Payment Methods
  1. FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC., agrees to pay the identified cost for Service offerings on the following dates
    1. Half Due on upon contractual agreement date
    2. Remaining Balance Due January 5, 2017
  2. FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC shall invoice the Customer for the Services that it has provided if PER PUSH OPTION is selected
  3. The Customer shall pay such invoices within 5 days of their receipt from the FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC. The method of payment of the identified Services to the FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HELP , LLC shall be by:
    • [check] sent to the following address: 19955 Rockside Road, Bedford, Ohio 44146 Suite 403
    • cash payments
    • credit card payments
    • Via Pay Pal; Friendly Neighborhood Help


Due to the increased high demand of our snow plowing service, this Agreement may be withdrawn by Contractor if not accepted within 30 days, or, if Contractor's plowing schedule is filled before being received from Customer.

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